Desert Sunrise
Aurora is the golden, subtle light of dawn who opens the majestic gate of the rising sun upon the desert and other lands.

With the start of each new day, her gentle rays bring peace, hope, and rejuvenation to all mankind. The ancients cherished her as the refreshing force of inspiration, creativity and healing.

Our sincere wish is to imbibe and integrate the energy of Aurora into all aspects of our service.

We believe the patient's healing process begins with a positive attitude and a sense of well being.

No expense has been spared in providing the best operating setting for our skilled surgeons, to the ultimate benefit of our patients.

Aurora Surgery Center offers the newest innovations in surgical and monitoring equipment. Ample and fully equipped recovery stations ensure the comfort, privacy and safety of each patient. A serene environment greets patients and guests entering the reception area. Your staff nurse will personally escort the patient to the operative area. Family members may relax in Aurora's reception area while the patient is escorted to the preparation suite and then into surgery.